Custom Characters?

We would like to have a series of courses that feature a specific person in our organization as the "host." I know that we could just shoot 200 poses of her and insert the shots into the course as pictures.

But is there any way that we could create a custom character set  so that out character photos appear in the "insert character menu" and our developers can see them in the character viewer? Ideally, we want our novice Storyline users to be able to choose our character and browse poses (headshot, torso, full) just as they would be able to do with purchased characters.

If it's possible to do this, in which directory would we put the photo files (JPEG or PNG)?

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Michael Heckman

Thanks, Nicole. That thread ends with the original poster saying that she would "post soon" about how she did what I need to do. I'm hoping that somebody from Articulate will respond. 

I personally believe that it would be a smart business practice to enable this community of Storyline enthusiasts to create and share characters.  

Jerson  Campos

Saw this post and thought I'd respond.  I haven't been able to figure out how to access the photo characters, only the illustrated ones. And the current file format that the illustration uses, you can't use PNG or JPGs.  I still hoping somebody at Articulate will respond to me about how to access those photo characters.

Kim  Miller

I'd love to know the current answer to Michael's question. I really would love to have my own images insertable into the character set. I was hoping Storyline 2 would have this functionality, since it really makes it much more potent a tool for any organization to insert their own characters easily.