Dark mode for Storyline 360

Aug 26, 2019

Hi there

Just wondering if there is a way now (or will be...) in SL360 settings to have the build tool adjustable to a dark grey background and tool bars like in the MS Office suite and Adobe CC programs. I jump from those with a nice dark grey to Storyline 360 and it's bright white window is a bit of a jolt on the eyes...



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Iqbal Rosaidi

I've realized this discussion originated back from 2 years ago. Like every one else, I also agree that dark mode will be very beneficial for us users as me myself is comfortable using dark mode for most dev tools that I use such as Adobe programs. It's been 2 years already, please implement this feature ASAP.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Glenn!

We aren't looking to see a specific number of requests but evaluating this feature to add a dark mode to Storyline 360 alongside the queue of bug fixes, new features already on the roadmap, and other projects. I understand this is a popular request, and it's not going unnoticed by our team! When this feature is added to our roadmap, we'll be sure to update this discussion.

Greg Edwards

I'll throw out that Storyline currently does not handle Windows 11 dark mode properly. I opened a presentation that includes speaker's notes, and it looks like this:

Storyline Speaker Notes in Windows Dark Mode

The problem is that if I change the font color to white so I can see the notes, then anyone who opens the Storyline file in light mode isn't going to see the notes. So for the time being, that means I either have to pick a neutral color like medium gray which isn't great for either or I have to acquiesce and use light mode.

Storyline needs to take a page from the Office applications and learn how to handle dark mode properly.