Data Entry Fields, Variables, and Multiple Answers

Jul 03, 2019

Hi everyone! I've tried looking around the site for anyone who may have asked this already, but I couldn't find anything. If I have overlooked an existing discussion please forgive me.


So, recently I've ran into an issue with Data Entry Fields and I just want to double check that I'm not missing something. In my current project we are training users how to use a new system we have. In this system the users will need to input information from one source into another. I have duplicated this system in Storyline to mimic how the actual system works as a sort of testing system the user can mess-up on.


Okay, here's the trouble, whenever a user enters the data, let's just say its a person's name, the variable needs it to be exactly matched. No spaces at the end of the name, no un-included letters, it has to be exactly what I have entered as the trigger condition. My problem is, it honestly doesn't matter if they put a space at the end of the word, or transpose a letter, we just want them to put the correct info in the correct spot. I'm not concerned with spell checking them.


I've thought about this a lot and the only thing I can come to is 3 options:

1: require the exact info, spaces, spelling and all.

2: Require ANY info so long as the field is not blank (this one wouldn't work for this course specifically, but could work on a different one)

3: Build in a variable for every possible variance the user could make(Field 1 correct, field 1 correct but with a space, field 1 without an "e", field 1 without an "e" but with a space... you get the idea.)


I would love to know if there is a 4th better option that I'm simply unaware of. I feel that Option 3 is the only way to really do this, but most slides have at least 4 Data Input sections on them and the number of variables is gonna get very high quickly.


So, I appreciate any tips or help in advance!

Have a Hopefully Awesome Day Everyone!

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Shelley Skrabek

I am having this same issue.  The link to the resource is no longer activate, does anyone know of a solution?

I have multiple text fields on one slide; however, 2 of the fields can have a number of variations on how it is entered such as a number - could be entered as 1234,  #1234 or # 1234.  Not sure how to create a trigger to say all 3 are correct and any other answer is not.