Designate Photo as Interactive Object

Jan 13, 2022


I am trying to make a photo an interactive object so it gets selected when a user tabs through the slide. Does anyone know how to do this or have any alternative ideas?

I have already made sure it is included in Focus Order and am at a loss. 


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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Courtney! If the picture isn't actually interactive (in that it doesn't do anything other than just being a picture on the screen), a screen reader user wouldn't use the tab key to get to it while their screen reader is operating. Tab only works for interactive items like buttons, dials, etc. Otherwise, to navigate to non-interactive items on the screen, screen reader users will use the arrow keys like up/down. As long as the item is in the focus order, a screen reader will announce it as the user navigates using those arrow keys. I hope that helps! 

Courtney Bogani

Hi Elizabeth! I am trying to make the picture an interactive object so keyboard users can select it to trigger a layer to show. As Walt suggested, I gave it a trigger "show layer x when user clicks" but that did not make it keyboard accessible. Any ideas? (I am working in Storyline 3.)