Disabling and Enabling Next Button


I have been creating a lot of slides where users have to click various items that have a selected state. I have disabled the next button when the timeline starts on that slide and then enabled the next button once all objects have been selected. All seems to work fine, but once the user goes to the next slide and then revisits the past slide (either from the menu or previous button), the next button remains disabled (even though all objects are in their selected state). I have changed the slide to "reset to initial state" when revisiting, but this can be quite cumbersome for the user to go through everything again if there are a lot of objects or slide layers that need to be visited. 

Is there a way to make sure the next button stays enabled when users revisit the slide? 

Thank you, 


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Philip Roy

So you'd want "Resume saved state" as the setting to remember what had happened last time you were on the slide...but it may also be impacted by how you coded the slide...for example, if you have set a variable to reset at the start of the time line.

It would help if you could provide a copy of the slide?

Judy Nollet

Hi, Mackenzie,

As Philip said, you should set the Slide Properties to "Resume saved state" for revisiting.

However, there's a bug: Storyline will still execute that "when the timeline starts" trigger, even when the slide otherwise resumes the saved state.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this:

  • Create a T/F variable with an initial value of False. 
  • For the trigger that disables NEXT when the timeline starts, add a condition so it only happens when the variable = False.
  • Add a trigger that changes the variable to True when the interaction is done. (This means the condition to disable NEXT won't be met when the user revisits the slide.) 

Here's a sample of how the triggers would look with enabling NEXT when the timeline ends (instead of when an interaction is done):