Disabling voiceover

Apr 15, 2022

We have created a new course with audio throughout but some of our learners want the option to disable the audio - any ideas on a solution for a course wide mute?


We have not used the articulate player in our courses so it needs to be a custom solution - any suggestions?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Without seeing how the course is set up across the slides, the general idea would be this:

  • Create a custom button that toggles a T/F variable (example varAudioOn=F).
  • You can put it on the slide master so the button is persistent.
  • User clicks the button which toggles between T and F.
  • On each slide you need a trigger, something like this
    • Play media file when timeline of the slide starts on the condition that AudioOn=True).
  • There is some other nuance to starting and stopping the audio, but that's the essence of it.