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Becca Levan

Hello Carrie,

Thanks for including the helpful screenshot, and I'm happy to look into this with you!

  • What browser are you using to view the course? Does this happen when you view the course in a different browser?

I'd be happy to test this on my end if you can share your file here! Or, if you're more comfortable, you can share it privately here, and one of our support engineers can help troubleshoot!

Carrie Eaton

Sorry for the late response...yesterday got away from me!

I'm using Chrome so tried the course in Edge, and there was no problem with a dark screen. But most of the learners will be using Chrome. I also checked, and my client is having no problem and is using Chrome.

I tried various things....limiting the file to one screen that I imported from the course, building one screen again by hand, and finally this morning just throwing text into a new file. Same thing. Works in Edge but not Chrome.

So I rebooted my computer (There's always THAT!) Still won't display correctly in Chrome.

So just for kicks, I published to CD.....and that works.....I only have a problem viewing the 'course' in Review 360...and my client doesn't.

I'm completely baffled. Ideas?

Becca Levan

Hello Carrie, and thank you for sharing that sample file with me!

When I published the file to Review 360, I wasn't able to recreate what you described with a black screen. I'm using the latest build for Chrome: Version 91.0.4472.164. Here's a quick 30-second Peek of my test.

You've gone through quite a few troubleshooting steps already, so from here, I'd like to enlist one of our support engineers to step in. I've created a case on your behalf, so stay tuned, and someone from my team will reach out with a next step!