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Tricia Ryan

Regarding the alternative to publish a Storyline 360 module to OneDrive instead of SharePoint. *OneDrive is in SharePoint.* 

Anyway, here are the results: 

  • On my computer with Windows Operating System:  Using the OneDrive .swf URL, I can open the file in Internet Explorer (not Google Chrome). 
  • On my iPad: Using the OneDrive .aspx URL, the launch page displays (see screenshot), but nothing happens when I click on the "Launch" button. 

Module Launch Button

As ANOTHER alternative, I published to a Storyline 360 module to an LMS (Skillport). 

Of course, it plays on my Windows operating computer, even in Google Chrome. 

However, the module does not launch on an iPad from the LMS. I thought this issue was resolved with 360. Am I missing a setting when I publish (LMS SCORM 1.2)? 

This item will not launch on this device.

Tell me Storyline will play on an iPad, please.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tricia,

Storyline is supported on an iPad - and you'll want to view it in Safari if you've published for web or SCORM. You'd choose the publish option to "include HTML5 output".  These directions will provide more info on how to distribute your content. 

That error message looks like one connected with your LMS though? I haven't seen anything like that from Storyline. 

Tristan Mariano
Cody Salinas

Hey, Ryan.

You can easily display your Storyline content if you're using SharePoint Online. Perform these steps in order to display the content:

If you haven't already done so, publish your Storyline content to Web.

1. Go to your document storage.

2. Create a folder for your course. Essentially, you're recreating the folder hierarchy exported from your story content, and the hierarchy should match exactly.

3. Open the folder you created.

4. Upload those few files into that folder.

5. Create a new folder entitled story_content. You can only upload 100 files at a time, so it's good to jot down the last file you uploaded to reference in the next batch.

6. Open story_content and upload all those files.


7. Create a slides folder and upload those files into it.

8. Go back to your main folder.

Next Steps

SharePoint Online automatically downloads .html files; therefore, you need to change the story.html file to story.aspx in order to play your content.

1. Open the story.html file in a simple content editor, such as Notepad or Adobe Dreamweaver.

2. Save the files as story.aspx.

Final Steps

1. Upload story.aspx to your SharePoint course folder.

2. Test your work by clicking on the story.aspx file. It should launch the course seamlessly.

Check out this simple screencast I created (attached) that demonstrates the process.

Worked for me in SharePoint Office 365 woohoo!! Cheers for the awesome guide mate!!

Amy Harry

I had a Storyline file working on SharePoint 2013 that I inherited from someone else. It works like a web page and is I believe built using a web part. The link that should launch it ends in a .aspx file. However, when I check the folders via Windows Explorer, I can't find an aspx file. It's not working correctly at all, but I don't know what to do to fix it.  If I delete older presentation.html files, I get a 404 error. With the files, the page displays at the wrong size and with parts of the file not working. I'm stuck.

Kevin Brake

Hi Amy,

Sometimes an external page is pulled into a Web part.  This can make it challenging to find the content displayed on a page.  You may want to try the following see below:

Select the checkbox located to the upper right of the web part:

Then look for the path of the content that is contained within that web part (below, I have removed the url):

...and with luck you maybe able to find the true source file that is being displayed within the *.apx file.

If you know where the source files are you just need to update them and place them back in the same location for everything to work as it should.

All the best and good luck,



Tricia Ryan
Megan Schaller


You can search for the ".swf" Story file, after you have uploaded the files, and it should display properly for you. I just had the same issue and this worked! You will just copy the link and send it to whoever you wish to view it.

^ Megan's solution worked for me. The SharePoint URL ends with story.swf

Malcolm McKinnon

This is (mostly) working for me, too. Thank you Cody!

The one issue I have is that the story.aspx link works in IE, but not Chrome. When I use Chrome, it downloads the story_html5.html file and then doesn't display properly once it's opened.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?


Malcolm McKinnon

Hi Tricia,

After some more tinkering, I think I may have found a solution. Here's what I did:

1. In the root folder, rename story_html5.html to story_html5.aspx  (same way as you would have already changed story.html to story.aspx)

2. Then, in the story.aspx file, change the reference from story_html5.html to story_html5.aspx

I've tested in IE, Edge and Chrome, and it seems to be working everywhere now.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tricia,

No worries - we check this throughout the day and have unflagged it.

If you want to follow responses to the request, you're likely already subscribed to this discussion so you should be receiving those via email. Bookmarking it will allow it to appear on your bookmarks page as a quick link. 

Alice Sue Claeys

This thread seems more active than the stale one I posted in earlier so sorry if this is a repetitive. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this enduring post. I am trying to embed a storyline 360 file into a sharepoint O365 (online) team site. We are on Windows 10 and use the current IE browser. I have sifted through the recommendations and have done the following to successfully be able to see the story.aspx on my browser:

  1. Published to web
  2. Renamed all .html extensions to .aspx
  3. Loaded all the files from the published package to sharepoint document library using explorer. All files are checked in. All intended test users have access to both the document library where the content is saved in sharepoint and to the page where the file is embedded
  4. I created a wiki page in sharepoint and embedded the <iframe> code to link to the story.aspx file.

I can view the file without any challenges. My test users only see the round loading wheel and the content never loads. 

I think I have read all of the sharepoint related discussion threads and I have not seen this as a reported issue.  Has anyone encountered this? More importantly...does anyone know how to fix this so my users can also see the file?