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Cassidy Hodges

When we publish a project using the Articulate Presenter plugin in PowerPoint, upload the presentation file to Sharepoint (and change the html5 to aspx), the file downloads when clicked on the link, instead of just playing within SharePoint.

When we publish with Articulate Storyline directly, and upload the story to Sharepoint (still changing the name to an .aspx file), it doesn't download.  It just plays.

We notice the file names are "presentation" versus "story".  Could that be the issue?  Also, the link the file in sharepoint has the word "download" in it ,when it was published originally through the Articulate powerpoint plugin.

I'm working with a very experienced Articulate user on our team, and he has not seen this before either...he's never upload though a file published through the Articulate Presenter powerpoint  (which creates a presentation file) plugin though, only Articulate proper (which creates a story file.

Here is what Sharepoint creates as the link to the .aspx file:


You can see in there an "instruction" (I suppose) to download.  My guess is that that instruction should not be there if we want it to play directly in Sharepoint.  

But for courses published in Articulate proper, when uploaded to Sharepoint, the link the .aspx file looks like this, as an example:


No "download" in the URL.

Any ideas or solves very appreciated!