Diverse Characters

I noticed and appreciated the recent roll out of natural hair characters in the Content library. I was going through the character choices today with a stakeholder that needs a diverse set of characters for a series of modules and they were looking for a woman in hijab and a man in a turban.

Curious what the next set of characters might be, and if there are plans to represent these populations.

As a note on hijab wearing characters, when they are available they tend to only be Arab or fair skinned women depicted, it'd be nice to have varying skin tones as there are many Asian, African and African-American women who wear hijab as well.

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Jennifer Brown

Agree with all of this. I'm addressing stock images in general here (not Articulate specific, my org doesn't use S360):

So much yes to more authentic representation of Pasifika Peoples, Aboriginal Peoples, Indigenous Peoples, and Muslim Peoples from outside it's original region. With people whose skin tone, features, and hair aren't "Generic Casting Director Preferred." 

We need more "hey, that looks like me!" moments, so we can eventually get to points where people aren't surprised to see someone who looks like them. 

And please have them in everyday, contemporary settings/clothing. Diasporas happened, and continue to happen. People do not dress in traditional clothing/regalia daily in many cases, and they should not be constrained to the past (that's another thread or three for DEI).

Perhaps regional stock packages to include representation more likely in a region, but still have some available to all.

Stock images in general aren't all that diverse (at least here in the US). As someone who works in public sector, a lot of projects in my organization require representing people in need, including refugees and immigrants. Trying to find respectful images of someone who might be a refugee without contributing to stereotyping or clearly not someone would not be a refugee is a challenge. I can find thousands of images of Indigenous Peoples from this continent in stock images, but it's much harder to find them not in regalia.  I should be able to find images that look like the cast of Rutherford Falls, but it's a challenge. 

And that's before trying to find images with soft/neutral expressions, postures, and gestures. Or with glasses. But that's another topic.