Does anyone know of a way to change the "next" button to an "end" button at the end of a story?


I'm trying to find a way to change the "next" button in Articulate Storyline 2 to an "end" button at the end of the presentation that would take the users out of the story...does anyone know if this is possible, and if it is, how you might go about doing it? 



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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Sara, you can change the text labels on the buttons by going to Player clicking on Text labels and then changing the custom text for the button. The only problem with this is that it changes every instance of the name so you can't have it say next on one slide and then end on another slide - but there is a trick you can do provided you are not using the submit button in your course.

If you are not using the submit button, you can change its name to say end and then change the trigger to exit course when the user clicks the button. If you do this make sure you hide the next button on the slide.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Sara - to change the name of the submit button click the Player icon and then click the Text Label link - you will see a table that contains a list of all the Storyline buttons and messages. Go down to item 98  - Submit button and change the custom text for the button to whatever you want it to say. Then click Ok.

Parashuram Vhaval

Hi Nancy,

Your trick is really helpful, but my course has both next and submit buttons used on other slides of the course. For now I am hiding next button on end slide and created Exit button right after the menu in the top right corner. But it would be great if I could use Exit button in place of Next button. Any possibilities? 


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Parashuram, I'm afraid you can't use the Exit button in place of the Next button on the last slide unless you are not using the Next button anywhere else in the course.

In your case, you have 3 options;

  1. You can create a custom Exit button and place it someplace on your last slide.
  2. You can create a custom tab called Exit and have the tab trigger the exit - keep in mind that if you do this the tab will appear on every slide.
  3. You can create a custom Submit button for you quiz questions and place it on your quiz slides and then reserve the player Submit button for the Exit like I described above. This is the option I would use because I don't like the positioning of the Submit button on the player because it is too easy to click the Next or Prev buttons instead of Submit when they are displayed.
Bryan Mendelson

You can actually change this text by using the following JavaScript. All you would need to do is assign a trigger, execute JavaScript when the timeline ends. Replace "REPLACE-ME" with your own text. I can validate that it works in SL3.

var button_next = $('.slide-control-button-next .text').text()
$('.slide-control-button-next .text').text("REPLACE-ME")
$('.slide-control-button-next .text').text(button_next)

var button_prev = $('.slide-control-button-previous .text').text()
$('.slide-control-button-previous .text').text("REPLACE-ME")
$('.slide-control-button-previous .text').text(button_prev)