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Gregory Nicolau

Have just joined Articulate 360 for the 60-day free trial, but already I have felt extremely disappointed that there is no native Mac version for Storyline. In 2020 I would have expected that both PC and Mac versions were available.

Articulate 360 do you discount for Mac users giver there are other expenses to run in virtual world on a Mac?

Alta Zhang

Have been using Parallels with Storyline 360. It's working, but the problem is that it's taking too much space as you could see in this screenshot (nearly half).

I understand this because it is a vm and it will take a lot of space. However, with so many requests, it is probably a good time to develop either a Mac version, or adding more robust features on Rise. As for now, Storyline 360 has a lot of features that Rise just can't provide. Rise could potentially be a very good alternative for Storyline, as long as it can allow users to do more custom designs just like what Storyline does. 


andrew horton

I was actually in disbelief that there wasn't a mac version. I'm running Storyline 360 on a i7/32GB windows machine and it's clunky, slow, saving and rendering out takes forever on larger projects, etc. Meanwhile my 8 year old iMac absolutely smokes on native mac apps. Join the rest of the creative/digital authoring world, Articulate!

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Now two years later from the original post, is there any discussion or plans to make a Mac OS compatible version of Storyline? Or is using a virtual Windows session still the long term solution?

If there is no plan for MacOS, is there a place to vote on/let Articulate know that this is a desired option outside of this discussion board?

Kayleen Holt

I use Parallels, but it is not at all "really fast and an easy transition" as stated by Ashley in this thread. Before I can work on a Storyline project, I have to save all my files to a USB drive so they're available to me in Windows. I don't have any of my Creative Cloud tools available when I'm working in Windows, so if I need to make a change to a file, then I have to switch back to Mac to work on it there. I can't keep Parallels and Storyline running while also doing tasks on the Mac side of things, because it slows my computer down too much. I have a new iMac--it's not a hardware issue. 

It's also irritating that I have to pay extra (yearly) for Parallels, as well as buying the Windows license. In addition, when I needed to export storyboards to Word (a requirement for a recent project), I had to install a second license of Microsoft Office for my virtual Windows application.

Windows crashes constantly, and as someone else mentioned, there are the frequent, very slow Windows updates. I am beyond frustrated at Articulate's stubborn refusal to hear us Mac users and develop a native app that works well for us.

Gregory Nicolau

Incredibly disappointing - won’t be purchasing Articulate products - requires more effort not less for Mac users.

Articulates refusal to spend the time and money and invest in a Mac version of Storyline simply demonstrates they are a company focused just on $ and less on customer satisfaction. One shouldn’t be sacrificed for the other. Obviously never heard of, nor subscribes to the term ‘win win’.

Really poor form Articulate.


Sarah Riedi-Schellhase

I would just like to reiterate everyone's sentiments on adding a Mac option. I had to recently switch since my PC couldn't handle the graphic workload with videos editing and other Adobe products. I was then shocked to find I couldn't just download articulate on my new computer. Now I'm working with IT to figure out a solution.