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Gregory Nicolau

Have just joined Articulate 360 for the 60-day free trial, but already I have felt extremely disappointed that there is no native Mac version for Storyline. In 2020 I would have expected that both PC and Mac versions were available.

Articulate 360 do you discount for Mac users giver there are other expenses to run in virtual world on a Mac?

Alta Zhang

Have been using Parallels with Storyline 360. It's working, but the problem is that it's taking too much space as you could see in this screenshot (nearly half).

I understand this because it is a vm and it will take a lot of space. However, with so many requests, it is probably a good time to develop either a Mac version, or adding more robust features on Rise. As for now, Storyline 360 has a lot of features that Rise just can't provide. Rise could potentially be a very good alternative for Storyline, as long as it can allow users to do more custom designs just like what Storyline does. 


andrew horton

I was actually in disbelief that there wasn't a mac version. I'm running Storyline 360 on a i7/32GB windows machine and it's clunky, slow, saving and rendering out takes forever on larger projects, etc. Meanwhile my 8 year old iMac absolutely smokes on native mac apps. Join the rest of the creative/digital authoring world, Articulate!

Training & Development -  OCMO/CoT & GPE

Now two years later from the original post, is there any discussion or plans to make a Mac OS compatible version of Storyline? Or is using a virtual Windows session still the long term solution?

If there is no plan for MacOS, is there a place to vote on/let Articulate know that this is a desired option outside of this discussion board?

Kayleen Holt

I use Parallels, but it is not at all "really fast and an easy transition" as stated by Ashley in this thread. Before I can work on a Storyline project, I have to save all my files to a USB drive so they're available to me in Windows. I don't have any of my Creative Cloud tools available when I'm working in Windows, so if I need to make a change to a file, then I have to switch back to Mac to work on it there. I can't keep Parallels and Storyline running while also doing tasks on the Mac side of things, because it slows my computer down too much. I have a new iMac--it's not a hardware issue. 

It's also irritating that I have to pay extra (yearly) for Parallels, as well as buying the Windows license. In addition, when I needed to export storyboards to Word (a requirement for a recent project), I had to install a second license of Microsoft Office for my virtual Windows application.

Windows crashes constantly, and as someone else mentioned, there are the frequent, very slow Windows updates. I am beyond frustrated at Articulate's stubborn refusal to hear us Mac users and develop a native app that works well for us.

Gregory Nicolau

Incredibly disappointing - won’t be purchasing Articulate products - requires more effort not less for Mac users.

Articulates refusal to spend the time and money and invest in a Mac version of Storyline simply demonstrates they are a company focused just on $ and less on customer satisfaction. One shouldn’t be sacrificed for the other. Obviously never heard of, nor subscribes to the term ‘win win’.

Really poor form Articulate.


Sarah Riedi-Schellhase

I would just like to reiterate everyone's sentiments on adding a Mac option. I had to recently switch since my PC couldn't handle the graphic workload with videos editing and other Adobe products. I was then shocked to find I couldn't just download articulate on my new computer. Now I'm working with IT to figure out a solution. 

Carolyn Ali

I'm working with a new company that could transition huge swaths of their training material to Storyline... except that the entire company uses Macs. I'll have to bring out my personal Windows PC to build anything... except why would I when no one else in the company could reliably edit the material when I'm done? Not having a Mac solution has caused Articulate enough lost business at this point- when will that change?

Tom Coady

Hi everyone!

I agree with all your comments regarding the mac. It's absolutely absurd that there is no software for the Apple platform. I just signed up to a course on Articulate 360 before discovering this situation and I can't believe I have to go down a PC path. The whole reason I bought a Mac Mini was not to have to do this.

Please guys get onto this ASAP. 

Matthew Bibby
Paul Berrington

+1 for a native Mac version, especially now the M1 has landed. From reading the numerous comments on here on many different threads it seems absolutely bonkers that a Mac version of SL hasn't been considered or added to the roadmap. Who at Articulate HQ hates Macs?

From what I’ve heard, many of the Articulate staff use a Mac as their primary computer. So I don’t think this is about hating Macs.

For those who need to run Windows on their Mac, consider using VMWare Fusion instead of Parallels, as you can get a personal license for free. 

Matthew Bibby

I don't know how I overlooked this discussion previously, but I'd like to offer my thoughts on this.

I've been using VMWare Fusion to run Storyline for years... starting with Storyline 1. Here's an overview of my experience:

  • I had to buy Microsoft Windows 10 ($225AUD)
  • I had to buy Microsoft Office ($339AUD)
  • I had to buy a license for VMWare Fusion each year ($150AUD per year). Although this has changed recently and now you can get a free license if it's for personal use.
  • I had to buy anti-virus software to protect the Windows environment. 
  • I ended up purchasing other Windows software to support working in that environment.
  • I frequently had delays due to this software. Windows is very pushy about updates and I frequently lose hours of my time to Windows updates. 
  • I've lost files due to corruption as a result of the mixed environment.
  • I've had issues with display resolutions (especially after Retina Macs were first introduced).
  • I currently have a bug that makes previewing Storyline almost impossible. I'm pretty sure it's an issue with how VMWare Fusion is using the graphics card. I currently have to publish my courses to preview a slide. To be fair, I haven't raised this with Articulate, but that's because I find the whole open a support ticket back and forth to be a huge waste of my time. 
  • I know of other people who have had issues working in Storyline due to issues with Parallels or VMWare Fusion. In fact, I had a mate who couldn't edit some types of text in Storyline recently due to a problem with a video driver or something in the Windows environment.  
  • Working with virtual machines can be complex. I'm technically minded and have still spent weeks of time over the years trying to resolve issues with my Windows environment. I've missed deadlines due to issues with Windows and VMWare Fusion. I had a client fire me as I couldn't deliver on schedule due to an issue with Windows. 
  • Working with virtual machines creates issues with various backup solutions. If you include your virtual machine in the backup, it'll try and back up the entire Windows environment each time you type a single character! So, you'll need to backup your Windows environment separately to your Mac environment. This means that Time Machine and BackBlaze or whatever you are using will be useless for all of your Storyline work. I currently manually move all Storyline files over to my Mac before I close down Windoze to ensure they are backed up. But of course, this manual process leaves room for error. I purchased some expensive Windows-only software to automate this a few years ago, but it didn't work as advertised. More money wasted. 
  • You'll make mistakes all of the time due to the differences between Windows and Mac. I often use both environments daily and have for years. But my productivity and efficiency are both notable hampered by Windows. 
  • You'll have to compromise. A lot. I hate Microsoft and hate Windows. Having to give that company money and install these products on my computer leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I have very good reasons for using a Mac and have seriously considered abandoning Storyline completely so that I can get this crap off my computer.  
  • I had to delay upgrading Mac OS on nearly every major release. Sometimes for months. While I waited for VMWare Fusion to support it.
  • I needed a powerful computer to run all of this (more on this below).

Not exactly an ideal experience!

I brought a $5000 iMac six or seven years ago. It was powerful enough to run both Mac OS and Windows smoothly in most cases. However, I did run into issues when working on more technically complex Storyline projects (lots and lots of variables and conditional triggers) which would result in things freezing. This was resolved by upgrading from 16GB to 32GB of RAM. I can't remember what that cost at the time, but it was a lot, and I really resented having to make the purchase.

So you need to check what the minimum requirements (processors, ram etc) are for running Mac OS. Then check the minimum requirements for running Windoze. Then allow for a bit extra, and VM software is demanding. Oh, and don't forget hard drive space! You need to allocate heaps to Windows. I made the mistake once of creating a virtual machine and only allocating 50GB or so. I quickly hit the limit and had to go through a very annoying process to allocate more space. So you better pay extra for a bigger hard drive and more RAM than you should need when you purchase a new Mac. The cost of this really adds up over time.

I just picked up a new M1 Mac Mini. It's a $1600AUD machine and it's more powerful than my $5000 iMac. As Mac silicon rolls out across the product range, more and more people will switch, it's incredible how well it works compared to the old machines. I don't want to install Windows on this machine, so I'm currently using two computers. Every time I have to fire up the old machine and wait for another Windows update, I dream of better ways I could be spending my time. 

I love Storyline. But am seriously considering not using it for future projects because it's just too painful.  

I appreciate Articulate being clear about the fact that they have no plans to ever release a Mac version of Storyline. Honesty is good. At least I know where I stand. 

But it seems like a very odd decision. It'd be one thing if you'd never used a Mac, but we all know that isn't the case! Surely you are aware of how poor of an experience this is? I'd love to know how much Articulate has spent over the years on Parallels, Windows, and Office licenses! And how many hours you've lost dealing with Windows updates and troubleshooting technical issues introduced by working in a virtual environment.

My guess is that creating a Mac version would require a complete rebuild of Storyline for both operating systems. In my opinion, this would be a good thing. There is a lot of legacy stuff that clogs up Storyline and a lot of long-standing bugs that could be resolved with a complete rebuild. 

But I know that's a massive undertaking. And then we'd also have to deal with things like compatibility issues between versions, feature disparities, etc. And given how confusing that already is with SL3 and SL360, this could become a bit of a nightmare.

Is the plan to just let Storyline fade into the background as you add more features to Rise? I mean, we all know that responsive design is essential to modern web development, and despite marketing claims that suggest otherwise, Storyline is not responsive. 

At a minimum, I think you should:

  • Make it much clearer on your marketing pages that Storyline does not run on a Mac. They have been many people in this thread and in other discussions over the years who have purchased Storyline or Articulate 360 without realizing this. You've probably already tracked this data, maybe check how many refunds have been requested due to lack of Mac support?
  • Stop repeating that "The vast majority of our customers use Windows and web-based authoring tools that don’t depend on a particular operating system." This is not a factual statement and angers me every time I see it pasted as a response. Of course, most of your Storyline customers use Windows, they need to in order to run Storyline! And we all know that while Rise is awesome, it is not currently a replacement for Storyline, and therefore its availability via the browser is not a solution to this problem. It's clear from this thread that the demand is there. And any intelligent analysis of the current tech environment, particularly in the web, education, and creative industries, would clearly show that you have two alternatives. Develop for Mac only. Or develop for Mac and Windows. 
  • Maybe we could figure out a way to allow your customers to vote on this? Send an email to everyone who has a Storyline license with a simple "Would you like a Mac-native version of Storyline?". It could have a simple thumbs up or down response. I think we both know what the data would show. 
  • Give us an option to purchase Articulate 360 without the Windows-only software. There are lots of people who don't want to pay for stuff they'll never use. 

Thanks for listening.


Matthew Bibby

The situation is even worse than I thought.

You cannot currently run Windows in a Virtual Machine on an M1 Mac.

As noted here:

  • There is no Bootcamp anymore.
  • Parallels are working on a solution, no ETA.
  • VMWare is working on a solution, no ETA.
  • CrossOver has limited support (works with some apps only)

So it's great that these companies are trying to solve this problem, but from a technical perspective, it's very complex and it involves both emulation and virtualization.

For more details, see here.

I don't know if we will be waiting months or waiting years. But right now, you cannot run a proper version of Windows on an M1 Mac.

These new Macs are just the beginning. Within a couple of years, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple no longer sold Intel-based machines. 

The new Macs are incredible. This $1600 Mac Mini performs better than my $5000 iMac. Almost every single Mac user will want to swap over to these new machines when they next upgrade.

Right now, I have two computers sitting on my desk. I was going to give my old machine to my 20yo, as she needs the additional power for her Comp Sci degree. But I can't do that now because I need to keep it around for Storyline stuff. 

The computer is already 7 years old. It'll die soon. When it does, what am I expected to do? Buy a new computer just to run Storyline? That's not going to happen.

Articulate's lack of care here is going to lose them a lot of business over the next few years if Parallels or VMWare don't come to their rescue. They need to make it very clear that there is currently no way to run Storyline on the new Macs. 

I'm incredibly disappointed about this. I can't believe that Articulate isn't working on this as a matter of high priority. 

I'm now seriously considering not using Articulate products moving forward.

And keep in mind that I'm one of your 'Heroes'. I've been a massive advocate for Articulate in the past.  I've been here in the forum providing free customer support almost every day for the last 7 or so years. 

Why? Because I believed in you guys. Now, I'm forced to use another development tool because you are choosing to ignore the needs of your customers.


Tom Coady

Hi Mathew

I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments.
I’m really trying to develop my skills in this industry and this is a
serious setback for me.

So I’ve been looking at Captivate again but it’s not as well regarding by
industry it seems.

I understand that you can buy a flash drive with the Windows
operating system on it. Would this make it possible to run Articulate on
the Mac? Please see the link:


Babette Novak

I completely agree with Matthew and the hordes of other Mac users using Articulate. I'm also a longtime Articulate Mac user, although never a community 'hero'. I'm very supportive and love the product. I have also clamored for a Mac version in many community posts. I remember Articulate saying they were working on a Mac version a few years ago, and then Poof! All conversation stopped.

I'm tired of the same, lame rhetoric from Articulate since that moment, that 'there aren't enough Mac users to justify' creating a Mac version. What a ludicrous reason. We buy licenses every year! If you have ANY Mac users, you should be scrambling to keep them happy, as you do the rest of your customer population. Period. Excuse my grumbling, but I've been waiting patiently with no results from Articulate.

Is Articulate incapable of spending money on R&D to make Mac versions a reality? Adobe has found a way to release a Mac version of Captivate for years, as have other L&D tools. Articulate, by contrast, just keeps letting us know they don't care about us. No Mac version, end of story.

Until now hopefully, with the M1 release, which I bought. As Matthew mentioned, the pre-M1 Macs will eventually die out, so we have to have a Mac version if they want to keep us. Right now, they're the only game in town. I am not-so-patiently waiting for that to change.

Parallels is working on an M1-friendly version of their product (release date TBD - sigh). Other than that, there is no bright spot in this M1 scenario. Like many of you, I'm tired of being treated like a second class citizen by Articulate. Will they ever listen to us? Or are we really that irrelevant to them?

Kevin Thorn

Well, this sucks. I've been using Storyline on VMware Fusion for the last decade. I work primarily every day in Storyline along with teaching several workshops every year. And I just dropped some big coin last year upgrading this MBP and VM. My MBP is a 2013 and I suspect I'll get another year or so out of it. So let's hope the wizards at Mac, VM, Parallels, and others figure something out because as you pointed out, Articulate is not interested in developing a Mac version of Storyline.