Drag and Drop - Target is not being evaluated and thusly not snapping appropriately

Mar 28, 2022

So have an interesting Drag and Drop where we want to have all answers dropped on 1 target of 2 targets.

There are 4 answers and 2 targets for learners to drop onto for either "Target A" or "Target B" targets. Problem is, since "Target B" isn't being evaluated in the "Form View" as a correct answer, none of the "Drag and Drop Options" are being applied to that target. So the "Tile" snapping option isn't being applied like we have and like in the "Target A" target. Instead, it's just snapping to the center of that shape like it would by default. Note: the "Target B" target (as well as Target A) has other custom Drag and Drop triggers on it so it's considered a target object even though it's not being evaluated on this quiz via the Form View answers.

Any thoughts about how to get around this and make Target B have the same snapping options of Target A?

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