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Daniel Berlin

Thank you for your prompt response.

Yoiks it's a lot of work to rebuild it but I'll do that as you suggested.

The original one took quite a while to build for just one slide. So many challenges to overcome. And it was going very well until I added the javascript trigger to execute when the timeline begins. Until then I was using the javascript to execute with a button to generate a random number, and that worked perfectly.

I have a bit of javascript and a few hundred triggers. The slide is a math logic challenge with 12 identical beanbags which all weigh the same except for one which is either lighter or heavier. The user has three weighings on a 'scale' to determine which beanbag and whether it's lighter or heavier.

If I cannot fix it, could I contact you again through this forum?

Thanks again.


Walt Hamilton

Sure, but you can also attach it as is here, and maybe someone can spot the problem. If it was working, and the only thing that changed was the timing of the js, I'd look at that carefully.

In general, problems happen as the result of change, but if the js change didn't cause it, then it seems likely that something became corrupted. We don't know why, but it happens.

Daniel Berlin

Hi Leslie and thanks for your response.
I'm trying a workaround.

Could you please kindly confirm that GSAP is NOT supported in Storyline 3
or is there some workaround I could use to add GSAP functionality to my
project in SL3.
I know GSAP is supported in the SL360 version but I can't really
afford it(sucks to be poor!)
I suspect it would just require adding a simple line to the html code.
Perhaps you could tell me if there is a way to add a line of html code to
the SL3 html output. I tried to use 'WebObject' but that really only embeds
a webpage.
Perhaps I could put it in as a feature request for SL3?
Thanks so much.