Dual monitors vs. curved wide screen

Oct 25, 2021


I am a freelancer currently working with two 27" dual monitors. The issue I have is that I'm either looking slightly left or right or if I put one monitor directly in front of me, the other is completely off to the side and a full head-turn away if that makes sense. Due to this setup, I'm noticing quite a bit of neck pain and headaches. So, I keep moving the monitors every few days to relieve the pain and have been thinking about getting one big monitor that I can center in front of me, and split-screen.
With this said, I am wondering if any of the Storyline 360 developers have a preference for dual vs. widescreen, and flat vs. curved.
I have done some research and I know that in order to get the same height and width of my current setup (two 27" monitors,) I would need a 49" widescreen, and I would prefer the curved; therefore, the cost is much higher, and at this time, I'm not looking at cost, only the pros, and cons of dual vs. widescreen for Storyline development.

Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Gary Baldock

Hi Michelle,

I went for a Dell 49 curved screen a couple of years ago. At first it was great, amazing even, but I had come from full 4K resolution screens and started to get annoyed by the lack of pixels these ultra wides offer in height (as they are not full 4K).

I found myself constantly scrolling down to access elements on the Storyline timeline and trigger panel (even when undocked). On the other hand, it was nice having an extremely wide timeline in full screen, though I find it easier to have the vertical space as you can only zoom in and out on the width of the timeline within Storyline. This was also great for video editing in Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

I've now gone back to a dual monitor setup, but with two 32" screens and couldn't be happier. One is off to the left and the other straight in front, and to be honest I don't find myself turning my head anymore than I did with the ultrawide.

Having the two 32 inch screens seems to have increased productivity because of the amount of screen real estate on offer at this size.

One other thing to consider is the size of a 49" ultra wide. It pretty much takes up your whole desk, even with a large desk.

Hope this helps :)