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Feb 23, 2015

Two issues

First, I have followed the on line help to locate the video editor by right clicking on the video placeholder and I do not see the video editor.  Can someone please help me locate video editor in storyline 2


Is there a way to slow down the movements on a video.  For example, I am using a video to show examples of where to click on a screen, but the mouse is moving way too fast, can I slow it down and if so, how???


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tami,

What type of video is this that you've inserted? Have you done it as a Storyline screen recording or inserting a video file such as an MP4?  If it's a regular video file you'll want to review this tutorial but based on your second question I think you're likely working with screen recordings, and the editing options are detailed here. There isn't a way to slow down the mouse movements that you conducted in a screen recording - so you may want to rerecord and move your mouse at a slower pace. 

Emily Ruby

Hello Tami,

When you insert a video into a slides placeholder, you will want to right click on the video and select Edit Video. You can also find this in the Video Tools Options when the video is selected.

As far as slowing down the video, you may need to do this in a 3rd party video editing software, then import it into Storyline.