Editing icons in Storyline

Jun 24, 2021

Hi all

I am hoping someone may be able to help with this. I want to use icons in the attached slide as back/forward buttons, but the white arrows in the icons are transparent (I have put a couple of examples of icons on the attached), so if the learner hovers the mouse directly on the white arrow, the button does not work, they have to click on the red part of the button. 

Without having to put a white circle behind the icon, or using a hotspot on the top of the icon, is there a simple way of editing the icon and changing the transparent part of the icon to a white block colour?

Thanks, Louise


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Louise,

Understandable that you don't want multiple objects where you only need one. 

You could copy each icon into image-editing software, fill the transparent part, and then insert those images into Storyline. Another option to create filled icons: copy each icon into PowerPoint, put a properly sized and aligned white circle behind it, select both of those objects, and then right click to use the Save as Picture option.

Louise Kenyon

Hi Judy

Thanks for responding - I did give that a go using PowerPoint and Snagit and saving a normal and disabled ‘picture’, but the resolution was lost a little when I added the picture back in to SL, so the quality wasn’t great. I was hoping there was a way to to fill in the transparent section of the icon in SL that I may have missed 😊. if there isn’t I will make it work through saving as a picture. Just need a few attempted to get the quality right