email with resources from within SL/Rise


I've read through several discussions related to this, but have not yet found exactly what I am looking for.  

Many of the courses I develop include contact info and website addresses for necessary resources that learners need to have access to after the training is over; is it possible to send an email from within SL or Rise that contains this info?  I'm fine with the idea that the learner would have to enter their email address (though if I could grab that from the LMS, that'd be kinda cool too).  And if the email could include attachments, that'd be even cooler.


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Joseph Francis

The best that you can do is invoke the default mail application on the learner's PC. Sending an email "behind the scenes" requires a webserver with an SMTP/POP3 mail server installed, and server-side scripting (e.g., ASP/VBScript, PHP) to generate and send the email. Matthew Bibby's Tutorial: Populating an Email with Content from Storyline, covers quite a lot of ground for how to populate a client-side email.

As each LMS is different, and what data an organization populates (or doesn't populate) the learner-dedicated fields with will be different, retrieving the learner's email address is going to be a hit-or-miss proposition. One organization I worked for populated cmi.core student_id with the Employee ID, another populated it with the mainframe login ID, and a third populated it with the employee's email address.