Embed Youtube/Won't Connect

Aug 10, 2022

I have placed a YouTube video in my training. Is there a specific reason as to why Articulate won't allow such a video to be played within the training itself? 

Does this apply to all web objects for "web-objects"? Or should I try embedding it versus using the link?

If it does not, what types of videos/links will played inside of the training? Do I need to take the Youtube link and do something else with it?

I would prefer not to have the videos open up in a new browser. I don't people to hop out of the training.

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Katrina Hunter

I am going to Insert, Web object.

Once there, I enter the youtube link. It then asks how do I want to display the web object. I select "display in slide". I unchecked the box to "load web object automatically".

I also right clicked on the web box, to add an image so it's not a grey area.

I assumed to uncheck "load automatically" because there is talking in the beginning of that slide, and then you are supposed to click image to play video.