Embedded Vimeo Video: Tab order for Accessibility

Aug 22, 2020

Dear community,

I am embedding Vimeo videos in my storyline file. Sometimes it is one video per slide, and sometimes I have a slide with multiple layers each containing a video.

My issue:  When I use the tab key and keyboard arrows to mimic accessibility keyboard access guidelines the Vimeo controls do not show up in the correct order. 

Let me explain in more detail.

 I have customized my tab order so the progression is

Title of slide (in text box or as alt text for image)

Embedded video (shows as "Online video 1,2... et.")

Next arrow (Image with trigger)

Back arrow (Image with trigger)

The problem is, this is not the tab order I experience when I manually check the tab order via keystrokes (using the tab and arrow keys). Instead of the progression above, what I experience is  --

Title of slide (In text box or as alt text for image)

Next arrow

Back arrow

Embedded video controls such as play, scrub bar, and volume

I am wondering if anybody has recommendations on how to obtain my desired tab order for accessibility purposes.

I have tried options to play the embedded video (not a web object) including

"play online video" when a user clicks a button/image

"play online video" when a user presses a key when a certain image is selected/clicked

"play online video" when user clicks "online video 1,2,et" (the trouble is that the "online videos" do not appear in the tab order [nor is their alt text read by a screen reader])

The embedded object's control buttons are visible to the screen reader, but they come after the next and back arrows, and do not appear to be connected with the placeholder "online video 1,2,et". The alt text is not read and even though it appears in the custom tab order, the video is never "tabbed" to.

Thank you for your help in advance.




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Shraddha Manjrekar

Hello Team,

We are also facing the same issue.

We have customized the tab order to include the embedded videos, however, they are not shown in tab order. It is ignored/skipped by the screen reader.

Later, the video controls (like volume, play/pause, etc) are shown up in the order but the alt text  is also not read by screen reader. 

A quick help is appreciated.



Ren Gomez

Hi Shraddha,

Thanks for reaching out, and I'm sorry that you are facing the same issue. We have reported it to our team as a bug where:

A user is unable to tab to web videos and web objects before objects with on-click triggers on the same slide. 

The object with triggers always comes first even when it's set-up correctly in the tab order, and there's no current workaround.

If this isn't what you're experiencing, please connect with our support team, and they can lend you a hand with your file!

Share your file with us.

Michael Bellis

I have an idea to add here. I've experienced similar things with focus order jumping to back and next buttons (or forward back arrows) before the content that should get focus. My solution is to add a delay to the back and next on the timeline. Or if loading those nav buttons on a layer/master slide, delay the trigger that loads them by 0.25. This is sometimes enough to force the focus order back into the correct order. Try different delays, it may be that the video frame takes longer than 0.25 to load in.