Embedding Storyline file into powerpoint

Hi there,

I am normally use to publishing Storyline files for upload to an LMS.

Today I was asked to figure out how to best publish a storyline file to directly embed it into a powerpoint. This is for a presentation that will be used where there is no internet coverage.

The customer wants to launch the storyline eLearning course by clicking on an icon in their powerpoint presentation.

So far, all I have been abe to do do is publish the storyline file for the web, and then hyperlinking the powerpoint icon to the file folder - the presenter though would still have to click on the .htrml file to launch the storyline player.

Any other suggestions to make this look a bit cleaner? What's possible? Anyone done anything similar?


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Tim Hillier


if she was tring to deliver this via cd or stick or something instead of local are there any file linking conventions she needs like ...// or something to get her to the correct folder on the cd.  I know there is something but I always ask my it guys whenever I am sorting through something like this


Geert De Rycke

Hi Tim,

No, normally not.

If you have resouce files, they are automatically embedded into the SL output file.

If you have file that you reference in your course and which are not part of the resources, then when you link them in your trigger, use the '...' (3 dots) to look for them. If you use this method they will also be included in the SL output file



Geert De Rycke


you're correct !

She can hyperlink directly to the SL story.html file.

There is a snag!

Powerpoint has issues with the / and \, so to avoid all kind of problems, it is best to save the PPT file where the .story.html file is saved and link to the storyline.html without any directory structure...