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Ren Gomez

Hi John,

Along with ensuring that you're working locally and don't have your files synced with the cloud (i.e., Dropbox), you'll also want to check to see you don't have a large number of backups in your temporary folders.

You can check it by pasting this in your Windows Explorer: %appdata%\Articulate\Storyline 

Give it a shot and let us know if the error goes away!

Derreck Mayer


I ran into this error today on Storyline 3. The presentation was working fine yesterday but today I receive this message when trying to save. I tried to clear out the %appdata%\Articulate\Storyline directory as suggested but I'm not seeing much in there, just two directories "3" and "Themes".

I removed the workspace.xml in the 3 directory but that did not resolve the issue. 

I've also tried saving a new copy with a new name and saving in different locations with no luck.

EDIT: I also just noticed that all images from the project are now missing. Text is still present and formatted but all images are gone. However, they still appear in the thumbnail view on the left.

Evelyn Frankovich

I have just experienced the same exact behavior including the disappearance of the images on the slides (they still appear in the thumbnails and timeline).  The only difference is that I am using Storyline 360.  I deleted two XML files from the temporary folders.  There was hardly anything else in there.  I also use Dropbox but attempted to try and save locally to no avail.

Was there any progress or solution on the issue above that can be shared?