Error when importing Quizmaker '13 .quiz file into Storyline 2

Good day! I have a good number of quizzes I need to update. These were originally created in Quizmaker '13 using Excel imports. I don't have Quizmaker '13: it was another employee's license and was passed to another party following her departure. I was hoping I could just import the .quiz files into Storyline 2 to make updates. 

Each time I attempt this, I get the following error message:

Screenshot of error message

Any ideas on what (if anything) I should try next? I don't have the same version of Quizmaker, and I can't open the files from Quizmaker '09.

Thanks, in advance!



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Mary Vivit

Thank you, Leslie. The instructions you linked are the same ones I've used. I followed them, and I still get the same error. Because the error refers to something about PowerPoint, I thought I might have to edit the Quizmaker file to remove the PowerPoint object.

I have a small example file that I could share with you (no questions, but at least one slide); however, I don't feel comfortable posting it here. Can I get it to you privately?