Exam Retries Not Working

Apr 29, 2022

Hi all,

I'm trying to set an exam retries to none and the LMS does not seem to pick it up. I've followed this video and article to make it work:



I've attached a test file as well. Any an all help would be appreciated. The LMS is LearnDash and it's published as xAPI. Thanks!


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Phil Mayor

I am not sure why you are sending experienced as a custom statement as that is being sent each time you hit the slide automatically. Unless your LRS is outside of the Learndash environment but then you should just have to set it to publish to an external LRS when you publish.

What's not being picked up? Is it that you want only one attempt inside Learndash? Lerrandash doesn't have its own LRS so cannot send back the resume data, you will have to connect your LRS for this to happen.

Charlotte Spencer

Hi Phil,

The custom statement is supposed to have the the LMS/LRS report time spent on each slide by the learner. If I read you correctly I would require an LRS integration app (like GrassBlade LRS) with LearnDash to take advantage of the custom statement on each slide?

For attempts we only want one attempt with no retries.