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Trevor LaForce

Hello both, 

We are also having this issue. Projects from as recently as this summer were a breeze to set up, for for some reason but it's a struggle now. Older projects continue to work fine. 

Unfortunately testing new web apps return {"result":"success","row":2} but nothing is written to the cells. I should be getting a row of "Undefined" values when testing the web app, I believe. Either way, nothing is written out to the spreadsheet when I use the scripts in my Storyline projects.  

There is an alternate method floating around using Google Forms as an intermediary, so I'm going to try that and see if it'll work any better. 

EDIT: That alternate method is no longer viable, as it's from 2016 and it seems as though Forms has changed enough since then that the necessary info about individual form fields is obscured. Too bad.