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Hi All,

We have several SMEs who we consult with and they contribute to our education. However, they are not our employees and do not have articulate licenses. How can we allow them permission to do the voice over recording for the content they have contributed?

We need to give them temporary access somehow. I know some other content authoring tools allow you to assign authors/contributors for scenarios  like this (we have used them before). How can we do this with Articulate360?

Thanks in advance!

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Philip Deer

Thank you, Ashley.

I'll double check to see if that would work for us. One problem I forsee is that I believe all of our seats are in use and we have a lot of external SMEs to work with. I'm not sure it would work very well to have some of our seats given up to the SMEs given we don't know how long the SMEs will need the seats to record their part while we all need to use it as well for ongoing projects.

Someone else also recommended that we might have them record using Audacity so we won't have to teach them how to use Articulate or worry about seats. We are open to ideas anyone might have or anything anyone may have tried before.



Philip Deer

Hi Team!

Following up here to see if there have been any advancements with this capability. We have 6 brands enterprise-wide and various projects underway with many SMEs who will need to contribute, particularly with software simulations. I do not have access to the softwares or knowledge of how to use them. Rather than having them train me on the softwares to do the simulations accurately and timely it would be great to be able to provide temporary access somehow to a SME contributor.

How might we go about doing this? What have others accomplished this?

Thanks in advance!