File Location for Custom Theme Colors


I just realized that custom theme colors must be saved somewhere locally. Yesterday, I worked from home, and the version of Storyline 360 on my laptop didn't include the custom theme colors I'd created at my office on my desktop (conversely, the ones I created yesterday at home are now not on my office computer).

Where are those color files located? I am happy to copy them to my other machine, but they aren't in the folder with other .xml theme color files.

Thanks so much.

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Angela Nicholas


I had a similar issue when I got a new work laptop in that I had to find the custom colors we created. It was quite the hassle to get to my AppData as I had to have admin privileges to get to that folder. I finally got the file copied to that location and the colors are showing up in my Theme colors, but they used to also show up in my Custom Colors formatting when drawing a shape or object not standard in the theme. How can I re-add them there (without individually entering them in, preferably)? 

Thanks in advance...