Final Quiz

How do you have a quiz reset and start over again if a user exits the quiz in the middle of taking it? Right now, if they exit and then go back in it picks up where they left off and the client does not want that to be possible, they must finish the quiz once they start or start over on the 25 questions. I do not want them to have to start the whole course over just the quiz.

When they exit in the middle, it bookmarks where they left off on the quiz and does not reset.  I've created the course in Storyline - Thank you for any advice. 

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John Alvin Apaya

Hi there! You may try opening your project in story view, then select each quiz slide (this can be done by pressing and holding the Ctrl key, then click on each of the quiz slides). While the quiz slides are selected, on the bottom right corner of the window, you will see "Slide Properties", then on the "When revisiting" drop-down box, choose "Reset to initial state". 

Hope this helps! Let us know how it goes! 

Aaron Roseum

Hello, I believe the issue with John's solution may be that the quiz will pause and restart in the same spot. This fix would only work if they restarted the quiz, not left the course and came back. 

Other solution might be that the course and quiz are separate files. The quiz file could be locked down much further without changing the course itself.