Flash Player 10 or higher for Internet Explorer is required to run Articulate Storyline.

When I try to open Storyline, I get a dialog box stating that I need Flash Player 10 or higher. I have Flash Player 12 installed. I clicked yes to go to the web page to download Flash Player anyway, and it has not corrected the problem. I am at a loss. If I can't even open Storyline, it is somewhat difficult to do my job.


Jason Gressman


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jason,

Are you using Storyline 1 or Storyline 2? 

Adobe released Flash Player 16 on December 9, 2014 and, as a result, Articulate Storyline won’t open. Published content isn’t impacted.

To address this issue, we added support for Flash Player 16 in Update 8 for Storyline1 and Update 3 for Storyline 2.  To take advantage of the new features and fixes, install the latest version from the link in your product confirmation email or download it here (SL1) or here (SL2). 

Jason Gressman

I am using Storyline 1. I have a license for Storyline 2, but I am waiting to upgrade until after this project that I am working on goes out. I have done upgrades with other software in the past, and it created a mess in some of the projects that I was working on. I do not have time to redo this project, so I will upgrade when it is complete. I am downloading Update 8 now. I will let you know if that corrects the issue.


Thank you for your response!




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Pieter, Glad you were able to get things working with the update!


What version of Quizmaker are you using to import into Storyline? If you have Adobe Flash Player 16 installed, you may find that you can't import Articulate Quizmaker '09 quizzes into Articulate Storyline 2.

This issue was corrected in Update 4 for Storyline. To take advantage of the new features and fixes, install the latest version from the link in your product confirmation email or download it here

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stan,

Are you using Update 4 of Storyline 2 released January 9? You can check which update was applied by going to Help-> About Articulate Storyline and you should see the update number in the top right corner.  If you're still having difficulty after confirming you're on Update 4, please go through the repair steps for Storyline. 

Stan Guthrie

Ashley - I do not have Update 4. I know when I registered, I gave my
e-mail, but I do not receive any notification when updates are available
- so it is frustrating to be working on a project, run into an issue,
then spend time trying to trouble shoot the problem - and be told "you
need the update" to clear these up. Is there any way I can receive
these update notifications?

Thanks for your help.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stan,

Emails are not sent in regards to updates, but we do post the information here within the forums on any threads that dealt with the issue and you can also always see the update #, date released, and the release notes at the very top of the product Support page here. 

Also, I'd recommend enabling the Check for updates at startup feature to be notified when new updates are available.

Shawn Lalla

Hi. Firstly, there seems to be endless bugs and issues with SL in general. This is certainly not the first time where I had to spend hours on end to fix little issues with the software. Uninstall, reinstall in the only solution that we receive from you. Nevertheless:

I have SL2 with Update 5, worked without any issues. After a microsoft update, the preview and timeline did not play (blank screen). After reading these post, the problem was Adobe Flash Player You recommended that we revert to the previous flash plugin. I did exactly that. Now I'm getting "Flash player 10 for internet explorer is required" error. A constant frustrating endless loop! I've reinstalled flash 100 times and nothing seems to work. Please don't tell me to download the latest update. I did exactly that and it still doesn't work! I've lost an entire day trying to fix this problem and another day will be lost whilst you get back to me! What on earth is going on with your Software???

Christie Pollick

Hi, Shawn -- Many thanks for reaching out here, and so sorry to hear of your frustrations! As you mentioned that you have SL2 with Update 5, have you had an opportunity to download the latest version, Articulate Storyline 2, Update 7 - Build 1509.1408, released on 9/15/2015? Please see here for the release notes and the download. 

And as you referenced this article, Preview Isn't Working in Articulate Software with Flash Player Installed, I wanted to verify that you ran through the steps listed and are still experiencing difficulties. Please be sure to see the section of the article below for your version of Windows:

The good news is Adobe and Microsoft have fixed the issue in recent updates. Follow the steps below for your version of Windows to fix the problem.

Please let us know if issues persist and we'll see what more we are able to do to assist. :)

Pete Reitano

I'm having this same issue.

My question is: why do I have to install a plugin for a browser that I do not use? I don't wish to open IE, let alone install software for it.

Also, this error appears every time I open PowerPoint and twice every time I exit because of the Presenter addon in PP.

Justin Grenier

Hey, Pete.

At present, Storyline and Studio actually rely on a stripped down version of the IE shell for some functions (such as preview), hence the need for Flash in IE.

If the problem persists after opening this page in IE and verifying that you are running the latest version of Flash, you are likely running an outdated build of Articulate Presenter.  This issue was fixed for Flash Player 16 and later in Update 5 for Presenter. See this article for details.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!