Focus Order Question about Pick Many and Pick One

Dec 07, 2021

Hi E-Learning Heroes Community!

I've found the focus order discussions super helpful in adding focus order for a course I've designing. I have a question about the pick many and pick one? How do the freeform objects show up? My intuition was to delete the freeform objects but they are unable to be deleted. I have two slides attached here with the focus order. Would love any feedback on the best way to present this.


Thank you so much!




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Lauren Connelly

Hello Nia!

Great question! A good rule of thumb is to remove anything from the focus order that doesn't convey information. Since the icons are just visuals, we'll want to remove them from the focus order. The icons that are added in your project are located on the Feedback Master, so I selected the objects and chose to hide them from accessibility tools.

I'm attaching the updated .story file to this reply. You can also see my testing in action here in this short demo.