Focus order returning to 'back to top' after returning from layer

Apr 04, 2023

I've created a slide and the main slide has buttons that take you to multiple layers. When the user click on a button, they are taken to a layer in which they can click on the X in the top corner and be taken back to the main slide. 

The problem is when I am using a screen reader, and I click on the X to return to the main slide. For some reason, after hitting enter on 'x' icon focus does not land back to button, instead focus moves to 'back to top' button.

The focus order is correct. I am wondering if this is normal or if there is a way I can avoid the focus going to the back to top button. I have attached an image of the results (left) and the focus order (right).


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Steven Benassi

Hi Shawna!

I’d be happy to explain why this is expected behavior when using a screen reader!

The focus order that you define for each slide in Storyline 360 controls the reading order for screen readers as well as the tab order for interactive elements, such as buttons, hotspots, and data-entry fields. In your example here, it would be Press Tab.

If a more custom focus order is needed, these helpful resources provide more information about that:

If you would like us to explore your project further, you can share a sample slide or two with us via our private case link! It'll help us understand the project's design, and we can troubleshoot it with you to help make sure that the course is accessible to your learners!