Force the learner to read a scroll text up to the end

Hi all,

in SL2, I would like to force the learner to read a text up to the end before allowing him to click on Next.

To do that, I use a scroll panel with a long text inside. At the bottom of the scroll text I put a "Sign it !" button used as a trigger to display a signature and enable the Next button. That Works !

But now I want to improve it:

  1. I want to put the Sign button outside the scroll panel. So I wonder if it is possible to detect that user scroll down up to the end.
  2. And moreover, I'm looking for a "typing" animation to display the text character after character.

Any idea ?


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Tracy Parish

I thought you might be able to do it by having an object (shape/button) at the bottom of the scroll panel intersect with a transparent shape that lies across the scrolling panel.


  1. I can't remember if SL2 has the "interest feature" in it's triggers
  2. It (a trigger mentioning intersecting) seems to produce a bug in SL360 and everything disappears off the slide, when using a scrolling panel. (reported)