Forcing users to watch majority or entire video clip

Sep 29, 2014

When using video clips in course content, is there any way of ensuring that the user watches the entire video clip before advancing to the next slide?

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Michael Hinze

For a local video (inserted from file), you could place a transparent shape over the video's progress bar, sot hat users can't fastforward through the video. Then add a True/False variable that starts out a false and is set to true when the media (video) completes. Add a condition to the Next button's trigger, so that it only jumps to the next slide if the variable is true. Here is a quick example.

Kristýna Vitásková

Hi, can someone advise how to ensure student see full-length of a video (inserted to module) while having free movement in the module's chapters? While using a modern player we encountered an issue when the movement is free, the slide is checked as completed even when not finished the full video..
The solution above is only working for restricted access and going step-by-step, slide by slide..

Ren Gomez

Hi Miroslava,

To help clarify, a slide is considered viewed as soon as the learner has visited/opened that particular slide - it does not take into account slide layers, timelines, etc., so the slide will be viewed once that slide's timeline starts. 

It sounds like you'd like to restrict navigation only for the video but leave the rest of the course unrestricted. Hopefully others in the community can chime in with their suggestions!