Format Painter inserts random text from other states

Nov 28, 2019

Since recently Format Painter isn't working correctly anymore. It inserts text into Hover and Down states from other buttons for example - not the one we are copying from.

Right now we have to check and correct all states every time we use the Format Painter. Are others experiencing this new bug, too? Hope this can be solved soon.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Huan,

Sorry to hear you're coming across this issue with the Format Painter! I wasn't able to replicate the action, but I want to ask a few questions to help troubleshoot:

  • Are you experiencing this only in one file, or multiple files?
  • Have you tried a repair, to see if that helps the issue?

Are you comfortable with sharing your .story file for testing? You can share it publicly here, or privately with me here. I'll delete it when we nail down what's going on!

Katie Birdwell

Hello Ren and Huan, my coworkers and I are also experiencing an issue with the Format Painter - we set our spacing and hover fill color on our first test question answer choice and use the format painter to paint all other answer choices for all of our test questions in the program. We are also experiencing the Format Painter changing the text in the built-in Hover, Down, and Disabled states of answers on our test questions, but only on answer choices that are marked as the correct answer, incorrect answers are not affected.

I tried to attach a screen recording of this happening to me in Storyline 360, as well as the story file, but since they were too big I had to open a support case.

I will try the repair you suggested and see if that fixes the problem in the meantime.

Thank you!

Katie Birdwell

Thank you Phil. This began for us after the update in December 2019. The Articulate 360 desktop app says I am currently up to date (Jan 28 2020 update installed), which is what version I was on when I recorded the example of the issue happening to me for the support team earlier this week. Unfortunately it seems the issue has not been remedied yet.

Lauren Connelly

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share that we are no longer seeing this bug, Format Painter copies the text itself from the source object to the target object in Quiz Slide answer choices, in Storyline 360 (Build 3.61.27106.0).

Please make sure you're using the latest version of Storyline 360. If you have additional questions, you can reach our team in this discussion or privately in a support case.