Formatting numbers in a numbered list (Storyline 2)

Sep 25, 2014


For Storyline 1 there is a work around that allows you to have a numbered list where the numbers can be a different size and/or colour from the tex.

I've tried this in Storyline 2 and it doesn't seem to work.  As soon as I reformat the first character in the text the number adjusts its formatting to match.

Has anyone encountered/solved this?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Anne,

We did have an issue with the notes tab defaulting to the text of the first character in Storyline 1, however it was not in Storyline 2.  I just tested changing the font/color of a first character in a new file, and did not see any issues.

I tried in the slide itself, as well as the notes. Do you have a file we could look at? I was able to change the first character, the number, to a different font, color, and size.

Mike Enders

Hi Anne,

The numbered list will default to the size and color of your text.  However, if you go into the bullets and numbering area, you'll see that you can adjust the color and size as a percentage of the text.  These changes will be retained when you format your text.

Let us know if this is what you were looking for!



Vicki Edwards

Thanks so much for the reply. My query was whether you could have the
number itself bolded, but the text that goes with it unbolded. It seems you
can't format the number to bold, and keep the text unbolded, like this:

*1.* This is not bold, but the number 1 is.

If the number itself is bold, the text will be formatted as bold too,
right? You can't define your own number style, which may be in bold font
and allow you to have regular text, as you can in MS Word.


Michael Pfaffernoschke

Sorry to bring this thread back up, but I was also just looking for this option in Storyline 360.

Small workaround how it can be done: Add a space as the first character before the text and format that space. Then the numbering changes according to the formatted space.

Example: 1. _My First Point ( _ = space)

Nick Kostalas

I want to make sure I understand correctly: in Storyline, is there no way to format a list as follows?

1. Number and text are not bold.
2. Number is not bold, text is bold.

It appears to be possible to do this in the comment I'm typing right now. But Storyline can't do this? Sometimes it's necessary to have an ordered list in which some of the lines begin with a bold character and some do not. Is it not possible to create such a list in Storyline and have the numbers appear consistently not-bold? That would be a bummer.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Nick, 

Happy to help!

What you described is possible in Storyline 360 as long as you manually create the list. Here's a screenshot of a quick test that I did to verify:

You're correct in that if you use the built-in list function, either the whole line of text will be in Bold or not at all, but the good news is that the spacing of the built-in list feature and a manually created list appears to be almost identical. 

The bottom text in the second screenshot was created using the list function. 

Let me know if you have any questions!