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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Damien,

What type of video are you using? If you're including a regular mp4 video you won't have the option for full screen, but if you've embedded the video as a web object (say a YouTube video) you could still access the video controls associated with where the video is hosted on the web. 

Will Findlay

The lack of an option to make video full screen is one thing I think really holds Storyline back. At least by seeing the way kids use computers, the expectation with video has become that there WILL be some way to make a video full screen.  The web object workaround is ok, but then you lose any control over the video with triggers, etc...

Emily Ruby

Hello Will!

When you use the option to insert video from website, it is embedding the file into Storyline and it will be  synchronized with the slide's timeline.You can add video controls, but the full screen option, unfortunately, is not available.

The way around this is as Ashley mentioned, to insert as web object, and have this open through YouTube directly. Then you will still have function from the original site. However, this will not allow for any triggers as you mentioned.

You can submit a feature request for the Full Screen option to be included.


Judson Singer

I'd like to also suggest that you can make use of 3rd party web video players.  Then all you have to do is insert as a "web object" and provide the appropriate URL of the video player (often http://www.yourvideosite.com/yourvideo/index.html ) and you're good to go. See http://www.magichtml.com/flashhtml5webvideoplayer/index.html or http://easyhtml5video.com/ as examples.  These players support full screen options and offer video options far beyond YouTube.

Cathy DeBurro

I am stumped.  I have been using Vimeo embed codes in my Storyline projects for the past year and half.  They work great....or at least they did.

I create the video, upload it to Vimeo and copy their embed code to my Storyline project. (the embed code includes the ability to scale to full screen), and then publish to my LMS.

Suddenly I can no longer scale any videos (old or new) to full screen.  Yet the embed code that I pasted in included this?!

Vimeo states that it is a Storyline issue...where you may be be suddenly modifying the embed code?

Where in the Story output can I see the video embed information to verify that it has not been altered?  

Here is Vimeo's response to my support ticket:

"Thank you for getting in touch. The reason your video is unable to play in fullscreen is because the embed code is missing the three required fullscreen attributes: “webkitallowfullscreen,” “mozallowfullscreen,” and “allowfullscreen.”

Our embed code includes these attributes by default, but if you’ve modified the embed code, or used another service to generate the embed code, it’s possible these attributes have been removed. Here’s an example of how a Vimeo embed code should look:

 <iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/144901039" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Once these fullscreen attributes are included, your video will be playable in fullscreen once more."

I did include these in all of my videos.  Ironically -- those that worked before and haven't been touched in over a year, no longer work....and they think that is your fault?!  I just need some proof that it wasn't altered with Storyline.  Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing Vimeo's response. I'm not sure where they're looking at the embed code from within your Storyline output - but if they worked previously and have recently stopped working without you making any changes to the published output is that it's a change to how Vimeo is reading the code. Do you have the original .story file to look and see if you've listed the code as they showed? Perhaps they changed how it needs to be written to go full screen? 

I'll admit that embed code is not an area of expertise for me, but if you've got a sample .story file with the code as mentioned, you may want to share here and then community and staff can take a look. 

Cathy DeBurro


Thanks for the fast response.
I just need to know where in the output, I can find the video codes -to prove that nothing has been modified on this end.
It's crazy, because if you google this issue, Vimeo is being flooded with this problem from tons of people just in the past 4 weeks....and they don't all use Storyline, that's for sure!
I just need Vimeo to revisit this issue and can't until I can prove that what I am uploading to the LMS is unchanged from what I pasted into the story file.

Attached - 2 story files, their zipped Scorm files and their zipped output files.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cathy,

First, responding via email includes your signature here so you may want to update the post to remove that information. It also doesn't include your attachments here, so you could always repost them here if needed. 

I talked to a few team members about this, as we're unable to identify where in the code you'd find this info as it's likely buried in one of a number of the swf files produced for your published output. But, if you have a course that you previously uploaded to your LMS (or anywhere) that is suddenly not showing the full screen option I'd use that as an example for Vimeo - perhaps showcasing the date you uploaded it and that only recently are you seeing this behavior? 

I'm sorry that I don't have more helpful information to share, but if you included the code as listed above in a Storyline file and are not seeing that full screen button, then again I'd defer to Vimeo. Perhaps looking back at the code you did include may show that they changed how the code should be written? 

Cathy DeBurro

Thanks Again, Ashley --

I did clear my signature (thanks!) and I uploaded one story file, with its output and scorm as well.  In the event that this will help .... 

I did tell Vimeo all of that - in regards to the fact that many videos are suddenly changed without any provocation on my part....but as long as they are being added to a 3rd party desktop authoring solution -- they won't help.

Thanks anyway ... if you happen to see anything in the files (that I re-attached to my previous post), let me know.... 


Justin Grenier

Hi, Cathy.

We've identified the scenario that Vimeo seems to have recently stopped supporting, and the behavior is reproducible outside of our authoring tools.

Here is a 6-minute screencast that demonstrates the problem and what Vimeo seems to have changed.  Please feel free to share this with your support contact at Vimeo.

I have also shared this behavior with the Quality Assurance Team here at Articulate, but I'm not certain that we would change the way we embed third-party video content as a result of this new behavior by Vimeo.

Good luck with your project, and please let us know if you need anything else!

Cathy DeBurro


Thank you so much!! I'm sending it over right now and will keep you posted!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

Thanks for sharing that here - so it sounds like it works for you in the HTML5 output? Have you tested that in Chrome or Safari on your desktop vs. on the iPad? The iPad tends to show the iPad video controls for a video that is embedded on a slide or opening in a new window, so just wanted to confirm what you're seeing is the Vimeo fullscreen button? 

James Dubendorf


Yes, it works in html5 on an iPad, with the mobile app publishing option disabled. It is indeed the vimeo full screen button, as opposed to the iPad video controls that appear when opening videos embedded in articulate's player. So far, I've also opened the course through chrome on my desktop, and the full screen button is not present.

I sent along these comments to Vimeo last night, and they confirmed my message had been forwarded to the appropriate parties.