Full screen video content

Hi everyone,

I was wondering about having the option/capability to watch a video on full screen.

For example: place a video file into the presentation, and while watching it, have the option to play at full screen.

Is this an function to switch on prior to publishing, or is this something related to the actual video file itself? On a previous platform, the user was able to play the same video files in full screen.


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Ben Bohmfalk

Thanks Crystal, that's very helpful. One more clarification if I may:

My original video size is 1920x1080. 

What would be the ideal story size, and what would be the ideal size and position for the inserted video, to achieve my goal of having the video fill the player for all users?

This story will be hosted in our LMS (Schoology), and users will view it primarily on laptop screens.

Thanks again.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ben, 

You could always set your slide size to match that of your video, and that would limit the amount of white space surrounding your video. You could also limit the player controls you've included, as that contributes to the added grey area around your video. 

That may not be "ideal" for all users if they're on different devices, screen sizes, and browsers but should get you as close to a full-screen view as possible. 

JC Goyette

I support the option to have a full screen button.

The Flash video player was layered at the bottom of the video and faded out after a few seconds, like on YouTube. In addition, there was also a Download button.

Considering that embedded videos are often limited in space, to make them full screen would be the best way to view them, as mobile devices are more used than computers.

Terry Brown

Hi Ashley, any news on adding Full Screen video playback yet? We predominantly use embedded video files in our Storyline projects and don't want to go the route of external embedding for a number of reasons, I know there are work arounds e.g. adding a full screen layer, but this is cumbersome in terms of project size - Lack of a Full Screen video playback option is is a seriously lacking feature in our opinion and I think may end up sadly forcing us away from Storyline.

Kind regards


Michael Anderson
Nicholas Soldatenko

Use this widget to go in full screen and back using one-line javascript triggers https://cluelabs.com/full-screen-mode-elearning-widget.html For example, you can add a trigger to go full screen on timeline start on the slide with video, and then another trigger to exit full screen when media completes or timeline ends.


Laura Hutchinson

Since I see that this was submitted as a feature request two years ago, wondering if there's been any progress. I need to embed a screen recording into a presentation and it's pretty close to unreadable when it's within the player. Any progress on being able to maximize the screen size? (Putting the screen record into YouTube is probably not practical.) Thanks.