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I create my courses on storyline 360 and display them in moodle. Unfortunately, as you can see in the attachment, the main part of the course screen (marked in blue) is a small rectangle in the middle and the rest of the screen is just black. How can I have the main part as big as possible on the screen? I need it to be as big as it possibly can be and at the same time have it smartly resize responsively based on user's device and screen size so all viewers can have the best responsive experience? how is that possible?


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Andrea Koehntop

Hi iman!

I apologize for the issues you are experiencing displaying your course larger in Moodle. 

I found some documentation stating current issues with screen responsiveness across devices as Moodle uses iFrames. The discussion also includes some links to workarounds that could help you. 

You can also test your course in SCORM Cloud, as it's an industry-standard testing engine, and is entirely free to use. 

Please let me know if you have additional questions!