Gamification: Racing game, basketball game

I'm trying to figure out how to build a game that would include a racing theme.  and another game that is basketball themed.

Game 1: the  learner races against an opponent (the game) When the learner answers correctly, his race car or whatever moves forward one space. If the learner gets it wrong, the opponent moves forward one space.  The track and be a straight line with a start ad finish line. he game continues until the learner wins or the opponent wins.

Game 2: The learner is once again playing against the game. The learner sinks a basket if he answers correctly. If the learner gets the answer wrong the learner gets and "S" on the spaces at the bottom of the game. the game continues till the learner wins (scores X number of points) or the word S O R R Y is spelled out thus informing the learner they did not answer enough of the quiz question correctly to win the game.

Any ideas? I'm sure both will involve using variables I just do not know enough about using them yet to figure this out.


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Brian Allen

Hello George - 

When I need some starter ideas I like to go out and check out the complete list of eLearning Heroes Challenges.

Just scroll down through the list and find anything that might pertain to what you're doing, go to that challenge and click on "recap".

Complete list -

Many of the weekly challenge submissions also include downloadable source files that will get you started. These are always great to deconstruct and see how they were made.

The building better courses forum is another great place to pose these types of "how to design/build" questions, so you may try posting over there as well.

Hope this helps!