Gender neutral characters

Jul 16, 2018

Hello!  I am developing a training that involves a sensitive topic.  I need to make the scenarios as gender neutral as possible so as not to perpetuate any stereotypes.  It is a serious topic so I don't want to use animal stand ins.  I typed in stick figures into my search in content library and got some interesting possibilities.  Does anyone have any ideas for what else to search?

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Rachel Horton

I'm also looking for non-binary characters. As a work-around I inserted the Illustrated Modern character and "recolored" it to black with a contrast of -40% which gives it a silhouette effect. It's not an ideal solution. I thought it may be helpful in that it would tone down the male and female characteristics. Just starting this project so not sure I will keep this design idea. 

Walt Hamilton

In general, the more realistic a character is, the more likely it is to trigger a viewer's inherent baggage. It will almost always be too [fill in the blank] for someone, even if it is an obvious avatar. Stick figures and silhouettes seem to be the best option. They create less interference with the content.