Going full screen

Jun 08, 2012

Another newbie question.  I noticed in a lot of your showcase examples that they don't

really go full screen.  Can Storyline adapt itself to go full screen and then back to limited

screen?  Is there a 100% versus a 600 pixels kind of thing?


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Jamie Morgan

Storyline doesn't have the toggle option that Articulate Presenter does, if that's what you're asking. The output is going to be based on your story size & publish options. There is a "full screen" option when playing on a mobile device inside the Articulate Mobile Player but it honestly doesn't make a whole lot of difference.

Not sure if that answered your question or not.

Steve Flowers

Hey, all - 

Caught wind of this thread. There's a way but it requires adding an additional widget. Download the attached SWF. You can add it to your master slide. It will only work when published to HTML with the Flash output. Won't work with HTML5.

When the SWF is placed on your slide or master, the button toggles fullscreen or reverses the fullscreen.

This works for me. If you want something more fancy or custom (hotkeys, etc), hit me up. Can put something together relatively cheaply

Admin Rehoba

Hey Steve,

Nice one ! We were looking at doing that ourselves and couldn't work it out.

We've tried downloading the swf, then adding it to our story file. Only trouble is that when you publish in flash, then view the page in a browser, although the functionality works fine, it creates a "blinking effect": whenever you go from one page to the other, or go back and forth using the seekbar, the whole page flickers. Have you also experienced that?

We've tried different browsers, and got the same result. I've got flash player 11.6 here.

Any idea would be welcome


Daniel -

Steve, Thanks for the swf file. That did exactly what i was looking for. Can you attach the flash source file for creating the fullscreen swf. I want to modify the look of the button. Or else, maybe just the method (action script code?) you used to make this. that would be really helpful to me. 


Judy Nollet

I'd like to add my voice to those requesting that Storyline include a feature that lets me publish a course without the player appearing. Even without the menu on the left, the top and bottom parts of the player take up a lot of screen real estate. I'd gladly create my own Next and Prev buttons if it meant that the actual content of the course could fill the screen.

Omahr Bustos

Hi, everyone!!


Does the widget allows me to go fullscren mode, but keeping storyline current size?
I mean... my SL is 900 x 550px... and i want it to remain that size on fullscren, practically just want to remove the browser window and fill space around with the default html background image or fill color, so student can keep focused.

Thanks dude!!