Google Cloud - An alternative to sharing content via Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Every once in a while users ask how/where to share published Storyline content, if they don't have a website. The default suggestion is to upload content to a storage bucket on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as described here.

An alternative to AWS is Google Cloud. The process of creating a storage bucket, uploading content, setting permissions and sharing a URL are quite similar to AWS. Here is a quick recording of the required steps.


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Tom Kuhlmann

I only posted as a reference for others who come across the post and want to learn more about some of the other options. Not trying to upstage your post. I do think the video is a good idea for people who want to do some labeled instructions but don't want to spend time doing it in a video app.

Jef W

Great resources Michael and Tom, thanks.

I tried a few of the options above and have some further info. I have Office 365 and tried Azure which is a separate licence to get the storage option. It is a very technical platform and I couldn't find a way to upload a folder so courses wouldn't run. I then tried pCloud. I could upload a folder to my private folder which allowed a user to download a file but not run it. They must have changed their policies. An upgrade of $4 per month appeared to be the only way to get access to the Public folder and the Share>Get Link option. So, I went with the Google Cloud option which was as easy as shown above.


Storyline User


You saved me! I have been spending hours on Amazon and Google and small things can save two hours. Not one tutorial said click the link. They all said click the file. I get an error when I click the file, but the attachment link works! Keep that video up!

Now if I could only embed these links on Google sites. The webpage appears with a grey image saying do you want to resume.