Google Cloud - An alternative to sharing content via Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Sep 21, 2018

Every once in a while users ask how/where to share published Storyline content, if they don't have a website. The default suggestion is to upload content to a storage bucket on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as described here.

An alternative to AWS is Google Cloud. The process of creating a storage bucket, uploading content, setting permissions and sharing a URL are quite similar to AWS. Here is a quick recording of the required steps.


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Tom Kuhlmann

I only posted as a reference for others who come across the post and want to learn more about some of the other options. Not trying to upstage your post. I do think the video is a good idea for people who want to do some labeled instructions but don't want to spend time doing it in a video app.

Learnici - learn here!

Great resources Michael and Tom, thanks.

I tried a few of the options above and have some further info. I have Office 365 and tried Azure which is a separate licence to get the storage option. It is a very technical platform and I couldn't find a way to upload a folder so courses wouldn't run. I then tried pCloud. I could upload a folder to my private folder which allowed a user to download a file but not run it. They must have changed their policies. An upgrade of $4 per month appeared to be the only way to get access to the Public folder and the Share>Get Link option. So, I went with the Google Cloud option which was as easy as shown above.


Storyline User


You saved me! I have been spending hours on Amazon and Google and small things can save two hours. Not one tutorial said click the link. They all said click the file. I get an error when I click the file, but the attachment link works! Keep that video up!

Now if I could only embed these links on Google sites. The webpage appears with a grey image saying do you want to resume.

Joe Tansengco

Hello JG,

When you uploaded your exported Rise 360 course to Google storage, did it load properly when you accessed the index.html file? If you haven't tested your course yet, you'll want to copy the direct link in Google storage of the index.html file found in the exported zip file of your Rise 360 course and open this link in a browser. If this link loads your course, then you can use this method to get the direct link to showcase your courses in your portfolio. 

Let me know if you have any questions!