Help with Course Variables in HTML document

Hi everyone!

I am attempting to create a custom certificate for participants to print out after completing a course by modifying the report.html file. However, I want this certificate to populate the participant's name from an input field within the course with the variable "Name."

How would I go about pulling this "Name" variable and displaying it in the HTML code?

Thank you!

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melissa flores

Non-coder desperately seeking help...  Don't know WHERE/WHAT code to type into HTML file to pull variables from storyline.  First, big thanks to all for posted solutions that have gotten me this far! 

I have a 3-page form users need to "sign" electronically (name, job title, date) and print with variables embedded in the html output, and post results to LMS.  I did this once using a quiz by pasting an image of the form in the background of the results slide with variables positioned accordingly and using some basic "print" javascript I found.

BUT... this one's 3-pages, a simple 1-page certificate and print command won't work.  My original form was in Word, so I saved it as BlankForm.html.  I saved two additional copies of BlankForm.html:

     SignedForm.html - this is identical to BlankForm.html but has placeholders in the document's signature line for my variables:  +LearnerName+, +LearnerJob+ and +LearnerDate+ 

     Print.html - this is identical to SignedForm.html (with the placeholders) but has added code to print on load:  onload="window.print();"

My Build:
I built a 3-question quiz to capture name, job title and date (TextEntryName, TextEntryJob, and TextEntryDate) and created variables (varName, varJob and varDate) and triggers to receive the answers.  The first slide has a web object on the top 80% of the slide to display BlankForm.html, which works great bcuz user can scroll up and down to read the form, and clarity is super clean.  The lower 20% has input fields for name, job title and date.

When users answer the last question and press submit, results get pushed to LMS and the Results slide opens .  Here I have web object - SignedForm.html - I want the form to have the variables embedded in the signature line.  (I don't know WHERE/HOW to add the variables code to the SignedForm.html file.)

But MAINLY I need users to be able to print the "signed" form with the variables embedded in the signature line.  I have a PRINT button on Results slide that jumps to a slide called - PrintExit.  

PrintExit slide (looks identical to the Results slide) but this web object - Print.html - has the added code to print on load.  Works great so far - user clicks PRINT button on Results slide, and Print.html pops right up to print.  (Again...  WHERE/HOW do I add the variables code in the Print.html file?)

Per other posts, I came up with the following but don't know where to add it in the html file and how to correctly code my placeholders:
var player=top.window.opener.GetPlayer();
var LearnerName=player.GetVar("varName");
var LearnerJob=player.GetVar("varJob");
var LearnerDate=player.GetVar("varDate");
document.write("<P><H2>Variable Name: " + LearnerName + "Variable Job: " + LearnerJob + "Variable Date: " + LearnerDate +"</P");

I'm exhausted and crawling to the finish line.  Can anyone PLEASE assist?  I added a 'redacted' copy of my Print.html file for your to view.

Many thanks!