Help with triggers/variables: What am I doing wrong?

Aug 04, 2016

Hello lovelies! Hoping one of you can help me out today. I'm feeling pretty dumb and need your brainpower to set me on the right path.

I'm building an interactive course (uploaded for you to see) where there's a home page, and the user has to click on all the items on the desk to see all the information. I want to force them to view all the sections before moving on to the quiz (not built yet). And I want to show which sections they've viewed by having a checkmark appear over the ones they've already been to.

I'm in the early stages of my triggers/variables, because I was trying to figure out what to do for one of the sections and duplicate it for all of them, but I'm spinning my wheels here, and have created and deleted so many sets of triggers/variables that I figured I should just ASK someone instead of wasting more time :) 

I've started with the "What is Ransomware?" section. The user clicks on the computer at the top, it takes them to another slide that tells them about it. Then when they click the Home button, I want it to change the state of the Computer image.


What am I missing? What am I forgetting to do? It's been a while since I've worked on a heavily interactive course so I'm sure I'm just not thinking of something fairly obvious.


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Ron Price

Looks like you are off to a fun design.

I have not opened your course yet, but from the screen shots you are showing I have noticed a couple of things, so here are my initial observations:

1. Trigger order - You have a trigger to jump to a slide followed by a trigger to adjust the variable. Once the jump trigger happens the second trigger will never happen.  You need to re-order those triggers so that the variable trigger happens first, then the jump.

2. Your trigger to change the  state of your computer screen is "when variable changes".  That can work, but I think there is a more stable solution -  Change the state> of your object>when the timeline starts>of the slide>under the condition> that the variable is true.  

3. Lastly, and maybe most important . . . so I should have put it first.  Based on your design, you are changing the variable immediately when they click the item, and using the variable to then change the state.  If that is your design, you do not need variables, or a state change trigger. Just create a "visited" state of the item.  "Visited" is an automatic state that happens when you click an object - no triggers or variables needed.

Hope that helps

Walt Hamilton

Ron is correct for points 1 and 2, but I think he is misreading when you change the variable in point 3. If you are setting that variable on the last slide of the "What is" section  (which is the best way to ensure that the user views all the information), then you do need the variables. The visited state is handy for visiting layers on the same slide, but not always reliable for visiting other sections. Your idea to use completed instead of the visited state is spot on.

The reason "When variable changes" isn't working is that it is changing on the "What is" slide, so is not observable to the Home slide.

Ashley Schwartau

1. Totally didn't think about trigger order. Thank you!

2. THAT worked perfectly. Thank you so much.

3. That was how I was going originally, but some of my sections have multiple layers within them that they need to view - so like, they can't leave the calendar section until they've viewed four of the dates on the calendar, and I started building variables there but my logic wasn't working out so I wanted to start with one of the simpler ones. I'll try this again and see if I can get it to work on all the sections.

I really appreciate your suggestions!!


Ron Price

As Walt mentioned, I did misread your screen capture, I was under the impression you were setting that variable on the click of your main screen - so  his statement: If you are setting that variable on the last slide of the "What is" section (which is the best way to ensure that the user views all the information), then you do need the variables.  is the preferred method.  thanks