Hidden Next button displays before it hides - how do I fix that?

For the first slide in my Storyline 2 project, I'm using state-change triggers to hide the Next button when the timeline starts, then show it when the timeline ends. However, when I preview/publish the project, the Next button displays for a moment when the project starts, then hides and reappears as it's supposed to.

As a test, I put a slide in front of that one, and then the Next button behaved as desired. So the problem with the hide/show slide seems to have something to do with the fact that it's the first one in the project.

Any suggestions on how to fix this, without having to put a slide in front of it?

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Nancy Woinoski

Another option might be to set the next button to disabled instead of hiding it. I prefer this method because it avoids that strange little jump that occurs in the buttons when the hidden button changes back to normal.  Also disabling the button instead of hiding it gives the user a chance to learn where controls and buttons live within the interface.