Hide objects when timeline starts not working

May 09, 2023

Hi community,

I've been chasing my tail for the better part of the day trying to figure out why simple triggers are not working for me today. 

I have a simple project where I've created 3 scenarios. I want the learner to click on (3) buttons in sequence to view each scenario in order from a landing page. Once all three scenarios have been viewed, a button click will take them back to the landing page where a (next) button will appear once all scenarios are viewed (on separate slides) and they can then move on to the next section of the training. I've done this before, but for some reason, I can't get it to work today.


1. At first, I couldn't get the built in next button to appear when the exercises were complete. I setup a trigger to hide the next button. I created 3 variables, one for each scenario (Scenario[X]Completed), and a variable trigger (AllObjectsVisited) on the landing page. When that didn't work, I created a custom next button using the same variables, and still the next button did not appear after all the requirements were completed.

2. After about 4 hours, I decided to start with a clean slate. I created a custom next button set to be hidden at the start of the timeline, then created another trigger to set the next button to normal when the (AllObjectsVisited) variable equaled True. This button appears at the start of the timeline, and is visible the whole time, even though it is set to Hidden at the start of the timeline! 

I then decided to hide the (built in) next button in the slide properties, thinking maybe it was interfering with my custom button. Strangely enough with the Next button unchecked in the slide properties, when I previewed AND published, the next button shows up at the start of the timeline! 

At that point, I figured something must be wrong, and I'm just chasing my tail.

I've tried at least 4 different recommendations from this forum and Youtube  to hide the next button until x number of slides are viewed, to no avail. 

What is going on! :-)

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Walt Hamilton

Without being able to see the file, I'm just guessing, and this one's pretty wild, but this may give us some clues:

trigger to set the next button to normal when the (AllObjectsVisited) variable equaled True

From the sounds of the name of the variable, there is at least a slight chance that the when part of the trigger is the same: "When all states are visited". That will likely only work if they all become Visited without visiting any other slide. Try "when timeline starts on this slide"

If that doesn't work, attach your .story file here, and get the correct answer, not just a wild guess.

Garfield Earlington

Hi Walt! Thanks for responding.

Not sure what was going on with the built in next button. 

I originally had each task on separate slides, so I tried consolidating to one slide and utilizing layers instead. That didn't take care of the issue, so I did another google search and found a YouTube video that, oddly enough, did not show up in my search yesterday, and explained how to do this.

Apparently, I needed to add additional "Conditions" for the other buttons/tasks as well as the selected button (see attachment).

In any case, thanks for all your help! I'll make sure I make a note of this for future reference!


Thanks again!