Hide that mouse!?

Apr 25, 2014

I have a slide from a screen recording, where the mouse is going to toggle a favorites "star." Well I would like the mouse to go away after the screen recording starts. Since it just stays on the screen it covers the favorites "star." Is there anyway to make that dang mouse go away once the screen recording has begun or finished? When I double click the mouse icon it wont allow me to change the enter from path either.

Tahnks for all the help!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

It sounds like you've inserted the screen recording in a step-by-step mode? You won't be able to change it's starting point, but you can remove it all together or change where it ends by clicking on the mouse icon and dragging it around your screen. You could also remove that mouse cursor, and add in one of your own. 

Cathy Schmidt

Hi Dick,

I have the same issue. Once the mouse is inserted on the timeline, it will not go away on that slide even if the time is set to display for 2 seconds (and the rest continues for say 15 seconds). I have tried to move the layer down so it is covered by other graphics but it also automatically moves to the top layer. I will move it down, then it auto moves to the top. How do I get this to stop??


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ripple,

No further updates from our QA team - but it does seem that the mouse cursor was only moving to be the top most item on the timeline after another object was added to the slide. This forum discussion is included in the report we filed so that we can share any updates and additional information with you here once available. 

Raquel Hernandez

Same question here.  We want to treat the mouse as if it was an object so that we get the benefit of the demonstration ("Hey learner, click here"), but once it has showed the learner what to do, we want the mouse to go away as the learner is already trained on what to do with the rest of the clickable objects on the screen.  

Tim Caravia

Woohoo, I figured out a workaround for the mouse remaining onscreen. In the timeline, you can move the mouse down level. This means you can place an object over the mouse to hide it. Likely, if you're using screenshots/screen captures for your interaction, place an additional screenshot over the mouse when you need the mouse to disappear. Just know that the mouse will fight you back...occasionally, it will jump to the top most level if you are changing the timing or moving objects around to different levels on the timeline. Just throw it back under the object when that happens. For the "comprehension impaired" like myself, see the attached visual explanation.