Hiding Sensitive Information in Screencasts

Apr 25, 2014


I'm creating a tutorial in Storyline using screencasts.  Is there a way to cover up or blur person information on the screen?  I've been doing it manually by taking a screenshot & blurring out the the info in Snagit, but that gets difficult when the screen scrolls.  Any way to do this in the recording so it filters onto all step-by step slides or other ideas that would be helpful?

Thank you!!


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Della Gerometta

Thank you Ashley & Mike!  I hadn't seen that video before, but the screen capture trick is essentially what I'm doing.  I was hoping there was an easier way because I have a lot of student names/phone numbers on scrolling screens that I need to mask.  I'll try utilizing the timeline more, that may help.

Thanks again!


Lloyd Hill

Hi Lilencia, when we build screen recordings we do so using images. That allows us to mask screens and easily replace as needed. The default workflow for creating screen recordings creates each screen as background image than cannot be edited. If you instead export a frame from your screen recording you can mask as required. Then import that image into the required slide. These simulations have been built using this approach. Ideal for large scale screencast projects.  https://blendedminds.com.au/storyline-screencast-plugin/

Vincent Scoma

Hi Paris,

Happy to help here!

What might help here is to edit the content using the Media Library in Storyline 360. David Anderson has a great walkthrough on how to achieve this here: 

Please let us know if you have any questions!