Hotspot not working in bottom 40px of slide

I'm working in Storyline 360.

I have a hotspot on virtually every slide and the user progresses by clicking on the hotspot. They all work, except one, and this one is near the bottom of the slide (within 40px of the bottom). If I shuffle it up higher, it works fine but then it would be in the wrong place.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Nicki,

It's hard to troubleshoot without seeing the Story file. Best guess: Something on the slide is above the hotspot, thus preventing it from being clicked. For example, if you have grouped items, the group outline might be blocking the hotspot. 

If that's not the problem, I suggest you upload the file. Or a file with just the slide in question. That'd make it easier to troubleshoot.

Nicki Berry

Thanks. If I could have done that, I would have done it originally. Unfortunately, the content is sensitive and restricted. There are two objects on the timeline (exactly the same as the other 80-odd slides) and the hotspot is at the top. There are no grouped items - literally only the background image and the hotspot. It's behaving as though there is a bug. I've not seen this before.

Kimberley Barton

Hi,  we are currently experiencing this exact issue, and we are trying to produce a number of clinical system training courses, in which we need to place interaction at the bottom of each slide.  Could anyone tell us if this issue has been investigated and resolved or if anyone has a workaround? Many thanks in advance.  

Judy Nollet

Hi, Kimberley,

Here's a potential workaround: Increase the height of the slides by 40 px. On the Masters, cover that 40 px with a shape filled with the same color as the player. That'll make it seem like part of the player.

Obviously, that will also create a gap between the apparent bottom of the slide and the Player buttons and controls. But it would allow for workable buttons at the "bottom."