Hotspots and Triggers

I have a slide with 5 hotspots that play audio when the user clicks on each one. I need to have the audio stop playing if the user clicks another hotspot on the same slide. Additionally I need to require all hotspots be selected before they can proceed to the next slide. Do I need to add variables to each hotspot? Is there a quicker way to do all of this?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Brandie,

You can add "pause media" triggers to stop the other audio files. 

If you're using hotspots, there's no way to track whether or not they've been clicked. Instead, use shapes that are 100% transparent. And give them Visited states. Then you can disable the Next button until all of those shapes are Visited. (This post has more info about controlling the Next button:

If it's important to click all of the hotspots/shapes, it seems like it'd be important to ensure the user listened to the full audio files. You could do that by disabling all the shapes  while an audio file plays. One way to do that would be to show a layer that prevents clicking on the base. Then hide the layer when the audio completes.